Friday, November 2, 2012

Reflective Blog #3

This blog entry will focus on what you have learned in this course, as well as your future plans to use and keep up with educational technology trends after the conclusion of this course. In other words, you should use this blog post to reflect and explore the future of educational technology in your own professional life.   Some questions you should consider answering:
  • What are the takeaways from the articles on 21st Century Skills and the Common Core AND/OR the material from John Hattie that will influence your technology decisions;
  • How your project experience has helped you;
  • How you see technology being used in your own classroom;
  • What your future plans are for technology in your teaching;
  • How do you plan to keep up with technologies (e.g., journals, PLN, PD); and
  • What outstanding issues or questions you think need to be addressed as you continue to learn about and use technology?

Please post your answers to these prompts on your own blog by Monday, December 3rd, at 11:59PM.