Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reflective Blogging Assignment #2

We are currently in a transition between the NCLB/standardized testing/high stakes/evaluation/fact-based content standards phase and the Common Core Standards, which try to emphasize more process-oriented skills.  However, while this transition takes place, teachers are stuck in the middle:  they're being encouraged to promote these skills yet schools (and teachers) are being evaluated on "the test."  Further, as we've seen in this week's readings, inquiry-based learning is not a panacea for education, and some believe that good ol' fashioned direct instruction is better.

For this week, you need to address the following questions on your own blog:

  1. How can a teacher find balance during this transition from more traditional knowledge-based content standards and more process-oriented skills?
  2. What are key factors that help improve the success of inquiry-based lessons?
  3. What role can technology play in assisting those factors?  Give specific examples.

Please post the answers to your blog by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, October 31st.

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